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When It Comes To Excavation Work, Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting!

Morgan Land Management offers a Wide Range of Excavation and Grading Services in Connecticut Including:  Site Preparation, Demolition Work, Land Clearing, Tree and Stump Removal and more.  When it comes to Excavation Work, Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting!

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How To Choose the Right Excavation Contractor in CT

Excavation Contractor

Choosing the right Excavation Contractor is an important part of any landscape renovation project. Especially because Excavation is Dangerous Work.    Below are a few things to consider before Hiring an Excavation Contractor 

Good Recommendations

If this is your first time working with a residential or commercial excavating contractor in Connecticut, you may be wondering where to begin your search. You can never go wrong when using recommendations for a reliable residential excavation company. Check The Companies Google My Business Page to see what people are saying in your area.  Goood Reviews on Google and  Social Media are a Great Place To Start your search.

Work Expereience 

Before you Hire an Excavation Company in Connecticut to digg holes, grade land, or level a foundation;  find out how much expereience they have first.   In the case of excavation projects, whether a home or commercial building, the experience of the contractor is critical. It is proof that they have handled various types of jobs. Excavating requires the use of special equipment for brush clearing and dirt removal. If the company does not have the expereince needed, it could reduce the quality of work produced.

Fully Licensed in The State of CT

Contracting Companies  are required by Connecticut Law  to be licensed. To be licensed in CT, they need to take a skill and knowledge test that shows that they are adequately trained, in this case the Excavation Field.  A valid license shows that the contractor follows the Occupational Safety and Hazard Association (OSHA) standards and other State of Connecticut  laws governing the practice.

Piela Enterprise Fully Licensed and Insured

Fully Licensed
and Insured

Excavation and Erosion Control

Excavation and Erosion Control

One of the best reasons to Excavate is to manage erosion, Especially is you plan on building a new home; especially when it’s a structure that will require a Basement or Foundation.

For example: Homes, sheds, and garages all require the process to prepare the ground for the building itself.  The costs for Excavation in CT depend greatly on the area in which the process will be applied. Most homeowners spend between $1,200 and $4,000, but the only way to get a true estimate for your property is to Contact Morgan Land Managment Directly so we can evaluate your specific piece of land and give you an Estimate on the Cost.


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