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What is Excavation Work?

Excavation work is the movement of rock and dirt to create a space for construction work to begin. It includes digging holes, grading land and leveling for:

  • Foundations
  • Roads, driveways and sidewalks
  • Sewer lines
  • Pipes
  • Drainage
  • Landscaping

Before any project starts, the landscape must be moved, graded, and made ready to architectural and engineering specifications.

Preparing the Land for Excavation for House Construction

One of the most common applications for a dirt mover is readying the land under and around the site of a new home. Excavators move in once all zoning, permits and engineering plans get completed. Before any hole is dug, a couple things happen to prep the site:

  1. They work closely with other experts, such as permit services, utility companies, and land surveyorsin order to prepare for the dig.
  2. They clear the area of any troubling obstacles, such as trees, logs, roots, brush, or boulders.

Site Excavating or Digging

Once a project has been approved, surveyed, and staked out, it’s ready for excavation. These pros can help:

  • Trench for foundations, pools and utilities. They’ll also backfill around any concrete work.
  • Grade and smooth the soil. Happens after any foundations are poured and backfilled. It’s necessary for correct drainage away from buildings and for driveways, sidewalks and landscaping.
  • Demolish any pre-existing structures. It takes a lot of delicate skill and restraint to remove obstructions while preventing damage to necessary surroundings.
  • Haul away dirt and debris.
  • Source:  Home Advisor

Morgan Land Management LLC

Morgan LM: Voluntown, CT 

Morgan Land Clearing


Morgan Land Management has well over 10 Years Experience in both Residential and Commercial Land Clearing.

Our Professional Land Clearing Services include: Excavation, including new construction, lot clearing, removing trees, stumps, and other vegetation from wooded areas and more.

We have all the necessary equipment to complete your Land Clearing project. Whether it is just under an acre or 100 acres we can clear it!

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Forestry and Mulching


Our Professionally Trained Arborist have decades of experience working  with specialized commercial Forestry Mulching Machines.

With these Forestry Mulching Machines, we can efficiently clear land at costs up to half that of hand cutting methods with no hauling or burning of wood that would result from conventional clearing.

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Excavation Services in Connecticut


Wheather you need Commercial or Residential Excavation and Grading Services in Connecticut  for Clearing Land or Installing Storm Drainage Systems,  Morgan Land Management in Voluntown, CT is here to help!

So if you’re looking for a Certified Excavation Contractor who can Deliver Quality results on time and within Budget.

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Excavation Services in Voluntown, CT

Morgan Land Management is a Family Owned and Operated Land Management Contractor Located in Voluntown , CT.  If you’re looking for Excavation Services in Voluntown CT, or are in need of
Brush Removal, Forestry Mulching and Vegetation Mowing in CT…   Contact Us Today for a Free No Obligation Estimate.

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In addition to Excavation Services in Voluntown, CT we also provide the following

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